The last of four robbers who forced their way into a South Park neighborhood home at gunpoint - under the mistaken impression it was a drug house - was sentenced Wednesday.
Jaquan Snell, 26, convicted of second-degree robbery, was sentenced to seven years in prison by State Supreme Court Justice Christopher J. Burns.
Three others already are serving prison sentences for robbing a woman and her two teenage daughters on Nov. 22, 2010.
The convicted robbers knocked on the rear door, and when a 15-year-old girl answered, they displayed a gun and stormed in, demanding drugs and money, said prosecutor Patrick B. Shanahan.
During the home invasion, the 40-year-old mother and her two daughters were huddled under a blanket in the middle of the living room floor.
When he pleaded guilty, Anthony Pettiford, 25, of Stevens Avenue, said he thought the apartment was a drug house.
"It was not," Shanahan said. "The only item of value taken was a cordless house phone."
Burns sentenced Pettiford to five years in prison for his convictions on first-degree robbery and burglary charges.
Co-defendant Donte Bibbes, 21, convicted of second-degree robbery, was sentenced to five years.
Co-defendant Keven Walker, 21, convicted of first-degree robbery, was sentenced to five years for the home invasion and five more years for a street robbery that occurred two weeks before the home invasion, according to the Erie County District Attorney's Office.
In court last week, Shanahan said Pettiford's presentence report failed to include a robbery that Pettiford was charged with in North Carolina while he was on bail awaiting court proceedings for the South Buffalo home invasion.
After Pettiford was released on bail in the South Buffalo case, he fled to North Carolina, where he was charged with robbery, then returned to Buffalo, Shanahan said.
The Violent Felony Task Force picked up Pettiford upon his return to Buffalo.
Police Lt. Jim O'Donnell and Officers Paul Roberts, Jim Reese and Kevin Kennedy located all four defendants within minutes of the South Buffalo home invasion at a house about a block away on Hopkins Street, Shanahan said.
Officers found Pettiford in a bedroom. He was fully clothed but soaking wet. He said he had been sleeping.
He also tried to speak with a Caribbean accent, claiming he was "James Williams," according to the prosecutor.