WHAT?: A collective of Buffalo DJs dedicated to "parties, beats, sweating, dancing, young ladies, dapper gents and high fives."

WHO?: This eclectic group of vinyl-spinners and mash-up maestros comprises DJ Medison, Bearskinrug, Dante Velour, Drop D, Owski and Sunglasses Mike.

WHY?: What makes the Night Owls collective so cool is certainly the stylistic diversity of the DJs. Dubstep, house, electro, drum 'n' bass – you name it and someone in the group can provide it.

WHAT'S NEXT?: The Night Owls show up all over town on a consistent basis, most notably this month as part of a Saturdays-in-September residency at Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar (253 Allen St.). That residency kicks off Saturday with "Duke's Labor Day Bash," an 8 p.m.-until-whenever DJ bacchanal bolstered by the appearance of special guest Jesse Aaron.


– Jeff Miers