WHAT?: A collective of Buffalo DJs dedicated to "parties, beats, sweating, dancing, young ladies, dapper gents and high fives."

WHO?: This eclectic group of vinyl-spinners and mash-up maestros comprises DJ Medison, Bearskinrug, Dante Velour, Drop D, Owski and Sunglasses Mike.

WHY?: What makes the Night Owls collective so cool is certainly the stylistic diversity of the DJs. Dubstep, house, electro, drum 'n' bass you name it and someone in the group can provide it.

WHAT'S NEXT?: The Night Owls show up all over town on a consistent basis, most notably this month as part of a Saturdays-in-September residency at Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar (253 Allen St.). That residency kicks off Saturday with "Duke's Labor Day Bash," an 8 p.m.-until-whenever DJ bacchanal bolstered by the appearance of special guest Jesse Aaron.


Jeff Miers