NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. (AP) - A woman's torso found floating near the base of the Niagara Falls was likely in the water for up to 10 days, and the victim was murdered, police said Friday, as the discovery of a homicide victim's remains in a waterway made headlines in Canada for the second time in recent weeks.
Police said the latest case is not related to body parts found in Toronto earlier in August. The murder victims have gotten extra attention because of the case of porn actor Luka Magnotta, who is accused of dismembering a Chinese student in Montreal and mailing his body parts to political parties and a school earlier this year.
On Friday, Niagara Police Constable Derek Watson said a tourist spotted a torso near the base of the Falls and police pulled the body out just past the Rainbow Bridge.
Niagara Police Insp. Jim McCaffrey said the woman was a murder victim, but declined to reveal the cause of death. McCaffrey said authorities have asked police in New York and Ontario to review missing-person files.
Police say they are asking for help in identifying the body. A preliminary post-mortem indicated the torso belonged to a white woman between 20 and 40 years old who had a pierced navel and at least one cesarean section scar, the examination indicated.
McCaffrey said it's not uncommon to find body parts in the Niagara River. "That's pretty fast moving water, and it does have an effect on bodies in the water," he said.
An emergency task unit, marine unit and the Niagara Parks Police high angle river team were being called on to search for the rest of the woman's remains, McCaffrey said.