Estranged boyfriend held in grisly killing

TORONTO (AP) – The estranged boyfriend of a woman whose body parts were found scattered around Toronto has been arrested and charged in connection with her slaying, police said Monday.
Chun Qi Jiang, 40, a construction worker, appeared in court on a second-degree murder charge in the killing of Liu Guanghua, a single mother of three. He will appear again in court Sept. 10.
Police Inspector George Koekkoek said that both the victim and suspect are Canadian citizens of Chinese descent. He said the couple dated for four years and recently broke up.
Liu’s head, foot and hands were discovered in a river west of Toronto earlier this month. A few days later, her calves, a thigh and an arm were found in a creek in eastern Toronto.
Liu, 41, was last seen alive Aug. 10 when she was dropped off by friends at the spa she owned.
The case received extra attention following the case earlier this year of porn actor Luka Magnotta, who is accused of dismembering a Chinese student in Montreal and mailing his body parts to political parties and a school. Police have ruled out any connection between the two cases.

Government, military tied to mosque attacks

TRIPOLI, Libya – Members of the Libyan government and its military have been implicated in the destruction by Islamists over the weekend of several mosques affiliated with the Sufi branch of Islam, an indication that the government that replaced Moammar Gadhafi after a months-long NATO bombing campaign is having difficulty controlling its extremist elements.
Sunday, the ruling General National Congress summoned Interior Minister Fawzi Abdel Al, Defense Minister Osama Jweili and several other military and intelligence officers for questioning after the Sufi shrines were attacked Friday and Saturday. General National Congress Speaker Muhammed Magarief called the desecrations “disgraceful acts.”
Magarief went as far as to suggest that there may have been official collusion in the attacks, saying that those responsible “are unfortunately aligned with some in the Supreme Security Committee and ex-revolutionaries.” The committee, or SSC, is responsible for organizing Libya’s armed forces.
– McClatchy Newspapers

Refinery fire spreads after blast fatal to 41

PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela (AP) – A fire at an oil refinery spread to a third fuel tank Monday, nearly three days after a powerful explosion that killed 41 people and ignited the blaze, Vice President Elias Jaua said.
Jaua said in a message on Twitter that a third tank had just ignited at the Amuay refinery. The refinery has been in flames since Saturday, and officials previously said they hoped the blaze would keep diminishing until it could be extinguished.
Falcon state Gov. Stella Lugo told Union Radio that the death toll had risen to 48 but later said that the number was 41 and that some victims’ names had been mistakenly included twice on a list.
About 150 people were injured in the disaster, 33 of whom remain in hospitals, Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega said at a news conference at the refinery complex. “We still don’t have facts to determine the causes of the accident,” she said. People in neighborhoods next to the refinery said they had no official warning before the explosion occurred about 1 a.m. Saturday.