1. Is Puerto Rico in the East or West Indies?
2. For what Roman god was Saturday named?
3. How many weeks before Easter Sunday is Passion Sunday?
4. What is New Jersey’s capital city?
5. A tuft of hair on the back of a horse’s leg just above the hoof is called a f__________?
6. What is the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for shares of the U.S. Steel Corp.?
7. What is the New York Mets’ home baseball park?
8. Is the University of Pennsylvania in the “Ivy League”?
9. What U.S. president was born at West Branch, Iowa?
10. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. What is Poland’s largest city?


1. West Indies.
2. Saturn, god of agriculture.
3. Two.
4. Trenton.
5. “Fetlock.”
6. “X.”
7. Citi Field, opened in 2009.
8. Yes.
9. Herbert Hoover.
10. Also Warsaw, with a population of more than 1.7 million.