1. Who was president between Warren G. Harding and Herbert Hoover?

2. Giant pandas are always black and white in color? True or false?

3. Simon Legree is a villainous character in what writing?

4. What is the solleret on a suit of armor?

5. Name the famous pianist who was also the first premier of Poland.
6. Sparks, Henderson and Carson City are three of the larger cities in which state?
7. What is the tallest kind of tree in the United States?
8. To profligate is to .?.?.
9. What is the Roman numeral for 500?
10. The chief representative of the British government to any of the Commonwealth countries, or of the Commonwealth countries to Britain, is known by what title?

1. Calvin Coolidge.
2. True.
3. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”
4. A hinged, steel plate kind of shoe.
5. Ignace Paderewski. He was also president of the Polish government in exile in World War II.

6. Nevada.
7. Redwood, which may reach a height of more than 350 feet.
8. To rout, ruin or strike to the ground.
9. “D.”
10. High commissioner.