Stu and Stormy Weather were in the shopping mall. They’d walked for hours and were now sitting on the edge of a concrete planter, watching people go by.
“How many people do you think ever steal something?” said Stu.
“Money, cars, the tip a former diner left on the counter.”
Stormy said, “I’d say a large percentage walks off with something.”
“How large a percentage?”
“I don’t know. Sixty percent, maybe more.”
Stu said, “You know your mother steals tips all the time.”
“No way!”
“At least 75 percent of the time we’ve been out with her, she’s swiped the change I left for a tip.”
“The next time you’re out with her, stop for a cup of coffee and see what happens.” Sure enough, as they were leaving the counter, Stormy saw her mother slip the tip into her pocket. Stormy decided to keep quiet. From then on, however, she’d find a way to go back and make sure there was a tip.
Remember: percent often has a number in front;
percentage means portion

1) Danish is spoken widely in Greenland, but probably 65 (percent/percentage) of the people speak Inuit.
2) “What (percent/percentage) of the population would you say prefers chocolate to vanilla”? Susie asked Jane.
1) percent (I can’t prove this, but let’s just go with it.)
2) percentage