1. In the Jewish calendar, Tishri and Adar are what?
2. How many columns are there at the Lincoln Memorial?
3. What is a grand-slam home run?
4. What is the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for shares of the Xerox Corp.?
5. Which planet is almost twice the distance from the sun as Jupiter?
6. Who succeeded to the presidency upon the death in office of President William Henry Harrison?
7. There may be a school of fish and a swarm of bees. What is the collective word for lions?
8. What is the southernmost country in Africa?
9. Everyone who is well has a body temperature of 98.6 F. True or false?
10. Name the Spanish explorer who, according to legend, searched for a “fountain of youth.”


1. Months of the year.
2. Thirty-six.
3. A home run with the bases loaded.
4. “XRX.”
5. Saturn. It is almost 900 million miles from the sun.
6. John Tyler.
7. “Pride.”
8. South Africa.
9. False. The normal temperature may vary slightly.
10. Ponce de Leon.