Q: I have two adorable Pugs, each 11 months old. We take them everywhere, from bark parks to Grandma’s house. What’s the safest way to travel with them in the car? They’re a bit too active to be loose in the car. In the crate, Mabel whines. She’s accustomed to sitting on my lap in the front seat. My mom says the crate isn’t safe and we should be using a harness. What’s your professional opinion? – D.K., Chicago
A: Of course, all Pugs are adorable. We need not even discuss that. However, “Driving with your dog on your lap is an accident waiting to happen. A Pug could turn into a projectile,” says Sandy Robins, a pet lifestyle consultant, based in Irvine, Calif. “In some places, it’s against the law (for dogs to sit in laps in the front seat), and I believe for good reason.”
Robins says that your best bet would be booster seats made for dogs.
“Your dogs will be safe and because they’re elevated, and the dogs can see out the windows.” Many companies make these seats, which are commonly available at large pet stores. Two excellent options are Solvit Products ( and Kurgo ( Other ideas: a safety harness, zip line (attaching your dog to the back seat), or a front seat barrier (which prevents the dog from reaching the front seat), all available online and at many pet stores.
Robins, a mom herself, says, “Listen to your mother.”

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