LOCKPORT – The Lockport Fire Department will receive a unit to detect carbon monoxide poisoning from a foundation led by the father of a West Seneca girl who died from such poisoning.
Alderwoman Anne E. McCaffrey, R-2nd Ward, said last week that the oximeter will be given to the city by the Amanda Hansen Foundation, named for a 16-year-old West Seneca girl who died of carbon monoxide poisoning during a sleepover at a friend’s house Jan. 17, 2009.
The colorless, odorless gas can be lethal.
Ken Hansen, Amanda’s father, said the foundation has given oximeters to the Reserve Fire Company in West Seneca and the Blasdell Fire Company. A donation to the Orchard Park Fire Company is scheduled soon, he said.
McCaffrey said the $3,754 unit can be attached to a patient’s finger and will quickly determine the level of carbon monoxide in the person’s blood.
Hansen said such a unit might have saved Amanda’s life.
“When they were working with our daughter, they had no idea what was going on,” he said. “Any minute could help save a life.”
McCaffrey said the donation will be made during a Fire Department open house at 1 p.m. Sept. 8.
Also that day, 75 to 100 home carbon monoxide detectors will be available for a suggested donation of $3.
Those also come from the Hansen Foundation. Ken Hansen said he has distributed about 6,000 such detectors in the past three years.
There was no such detector in the home where his daughter died.
“We get them for $12. We set up a contract with Home Depot, and we get them at a special price,” Hansen explained.
He said he met McCaffrey through her husband, Chris McCaffrey, president of Lockport’s Ulrich Sign Co.
“Her husband wants to be a sponsor for our foundation,” Hansen said.
Hansen said donations to the foundation can be made through, or through the foundation’s own website by clicking on a donation button that leads to the PayPal website.