Summer is the season for scene-setting photos, when every self-anointed shutterbug is angling for the best pics of their sun-splashed travails and travels.
Now there are mobile applications that will help all you aspiring photographers and emo-laden hipsters looking for ways to shoot like a pro. Letís take a look-see, shall we?
First up is SocialCam. This free app for Androids and iPhones is best described as Instagram for your videos. Simply open up the app when youíre ready to start filming and choose one of the nine filters to liven up your live feed. The overlays range from retro to futuristic and are easily interchangeable with a swipe of the finger.
Straight-up videos were so 2011. Shoot with filters. My only caution is this: Do not enable SocialCam to integrate with your Facebook feed, lest every wacky video you view be broadcast to your friends.
You know what else was so 2011? Pictures. Pictures in general. Yes, I know this column is about pictures. But when I say pictures, think panoramas!
There are two apps that will allow you to easily produce incredible, 360-degree panoramic images, with floor-to-ceiling as well as side-to-side views. The first is Microsoftís Photosynth, released last week and available for Windows Phone. Simply swipe your camera around the room and watch the app take a series of pics that will become stitched together before your eyes.
Same goes for the app 360 Panorama, available for iPhone and Android. With less of a shutter lag than Photosynth, simply pan your camera around the room and 360 will do the work. Just make sure there arenít a ton of moving parts in the background to screw up your panoramic prowess.
Being such a prolific photographer probably means your photos are scattered across different Web applications such as Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, Shutterfly, Dropbox and Flickr, to name a few. Thatís where the new, locally produced app Woven comes in.
In addition to being available on Android and the iOS operating systems, Woven is for Nook and Kindle Fire users as well. Iím happy to report that after using Woven for a week, all my photos are for the first time in one place.
Now go forth and photograph!