It is outrageous to give? college aid to illegals

This letter is in response to the Aug. 18 article, "Silver urges college aid for illegal immigrants." What is wrong with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the rest of the New York State Legislature? Does no one understand the meaning of the word illegal? Making financial aid available to illegal immigrants to attend college is patently wrong and just plain stupid.

Silver says this will "increase our pool of engineers and scientists and make New York State business better overall." Is he crazy? His plan is to take taxpayer money – money that could be better spent on legal students – and give it to illegal immigrants.

New York State already appears to let illegal immigrants go to college and pay in-state tuition rates. This, too, is wrong on so many levels. At the very lowest, an illegal immigrant is not a legal state resident.

And how crazy is it to make TAP funds available to illegal undergraduate students but discontinue TAP funds for legal graduate students? Great – let's take money from legal students to fund illegal students.

The Senate Democratic minority wants to make this a campaign issue for the fall elections. Really? Count my vote against anyone in favor of this legislation. Anyone backing this legislation needs to go.

Daniel Hoffner



Why reward people ?for breaking the law?

The Aug. 18 story of Sheldon Silver urging college aid for illegal immigrants makes me wonder who is gullible enough to believe what he is saying. According to him, we need to give them the opportunity for a college education.

Since when do we reward people for breaking the law? Although he tries to make a case for helping people and our country by saying, "We don't have enough engineers and scientists in this country," I can't believe it's his real intent. More believable is that he wants to use taxpayer money to influence people to vote pro-Democrat.

It's sad to me that Democratic leaders are pandering to voters by offering them free handouts and entitlements on the backs of hard-working taxpaying American citizens.

Ken Krzeminski



Taxpayers here legally ?could use a break, too

Sheldon Silver may be missing the boat on proposing long and drawn-out legislation to give more benefits to the burgeoning illegal population by now adding TAP along with the in-state tuition assistance to those here illegally. Perhaps just a ban on the word "illegal" would suffice. Then all people, including the hardworking, legal taxpayers, would catch a break.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island


Judge right to sentence ?Corasanti to maximum

Kudos to Judge Sheila A. DiTullio for sentencing Dr. James Corasanti to the maximum jail time. He is a professional and a so-called respected man and I think he has been reduced to a mouse. He, of all people, should know right from wrong and he should never have gotten in that car to drive home in the first place. Drinking and driving didn't just surface yesterday. Shame on him.

I hope he has time to contemplate his devious actions while he is incarcerated. He has to be held accountable for his poor choices. He may have saved lives, but he also took one away. I feel the pain Alix Rice's parents are enduring. By the way, may Corasanti never lose a child to a drunken driver. It is hell.

Barbara Nelligan

Member, Erie County Stop DWI

Victim Impact Panel, Hamburg


Sentence is a far cry ?from what is deserved

It was wise of Judge Sheila DiTullio to sentence Dr. James Corasanti to the maximum; not doing so would have effectively invalidated the statute. If he didn't deserve the max, who ever would?

Sadly, the sentence is a far cry from what is deserved, but maybe now Corasanti will realize that his crime was real and that there are some consequences, even for the rich, powerful and well-connected. Hopefully, the community will remember his crime long after his sentence is served and ensure he never again reaches a position of prominence.

Marc Veneziano, M.D.



Poor judgment causes ?unnecessary suffering

Poor judgement, lack of ethics and a faulty sense of morality have destroyed or damaged many lives – Alix Rice, first and foremost, her parents, Dr. James Corasanti's young son, his wife and, least of all, the doctor himself.

Drinking and driving and texting and driving have been proven dangerous and reckless. There isn't a driver who doesn't know this before starting his or her car. Every driver has a choice.

It is hoped that the circumstances causing Rice's death will encourage drivers to think before driving a car in this selfish, careless and reckless manner. The drunken hit-and-run driver who killed my grandfather and Corasanti both made the wrong choice. Everyone suffers.

Joyce Sorrentino



Republican comments ?likely to alienate women

It seems that every time I turn around, I hear some derogatory comment directed at women in this country. If it's not abortion, it's women's rights in general pertaining to their health and medical choices. Now we have a Missouri senatorial candidate who claims that women are able to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant in cases of legitimate rape. They are supposed to be able to turn their reproductive organs off like a faucet.

It makes me wonder why all the negativity comes from the Republicans. Don't they have wives and daughters? How do they explain to them why they are trying to pass such legislation? I worked at a local factory and most of the best workers I had were women. This has got to stop. I know women are very intellectual and will make the right decision come Election Day.

Joseph T. Procakiewicz



Greed is motivating? pursuit of fracking

Rumor has it New York State is ready to frack. After all, it is safe and "we" need energy independence. Not so fast.

First, the environmental review by the Department of Environmental Conservation was harshly critiqued when first released and the review and clarifications are not even done yet. One huge hole in the evaluation is the lack of a comprehensive health impact study. Everyone speaks to the hazards for water, but don't overlook the hazards for air. The chemical spray, petroleum droplets and silica that are emitted with drilling and fracking should not be overlooked. They are being shot out into the same air those living in a "fracking community" have to breathe.

Next, the claim of energy independence. Don't be duped into thinking this is some altruistic venture. If independence were the goal, then it makes no sense for the following to have occurred:

* Korea National Oil Corp. is part of a group that is purchasing El Paso Corp.'s exploration and production assets.

* China Petroleum & Chemical (Sinopec) purchased a 33 percent stake in Devon Energy Co.'s shale gas projects in Michigan, Ohio and other states.

* China National Offshore Oil (CNOOC) purchased a 33 percent stake in Chesapeake Energy Shale leases in Colorado and Wyoming and Texas.

Thirdly, communities saddled with energy company leases from bygone years have never faced the likes of this horizontal drilling, hydrofracking, and waste disposal from this process. This is not the fracking of the '50s and '60s, so don't be misled into thinking it is. This is anything but a safe and secure process at this point.

This deal is for the greed of the "haves," not for the benefit of the ordinary citizens or the country's fuel independence. Let your representatives know how you feel about this.

Paula J. Calleri

West Falls


Church has no authority ?to override will of Christ

The letter, "Church will continue to crush its flowers," criticizes News photos of Bishop Richard Malone's installation because they seem to feature "mostly old white men." How often we hear that blatantly biased and totally wrong-headed feminist rhetoric about the governance of the Catholic Church.

If being elderly and white is unacceptable, what does that say about the Leadership Conference ladies, for whom color is monochromic and autumn is nigh? Or are women exempt from the stigma?

It shouldn't be a surprise or a cause for wounded feelings that the installation Mass, which began with a procession of invited brother hierarchy, priests and deacons from far and wide, and was concelebrated with Malone, was the focus of photographers. However, there was no shortage of females among those who officially welcomed the bishop, presented gifts and read scripture.

Women occupy many positions of authority in the church today. Malone's former chancellor is a nun. But that's not the brass ring for progressives. They want access to the priesthood. The LCWR president's quote is defiant and cynical. It reveals a petulant refusal to submit to the authority of the church, as well as a violation of religious vows and a failure to understand the true meaning of the gospel.

The church has no authority to override the will of Christ, who chose men for his priests. The LCWR needs to realize its "springtime" has been tried for too long, and found wanting.

Sarah Zilbauer

Grand Island