When Jason Aldean names an album, he looks for a title that fits his life at the moment. He thinks "Night Train," his choice for his much anticipated fifth album, arriving Oct. 16, paints the perfect picture.

"It's one of those things where we went from one bus pulling a trailer to all the sudden we've got six or seven buses and eight or nine trucks," Aldean said. "We're all rolling down the interstate together at night, and that's what it looks like. It looks like a big freight train rolling down the interstate. It just kind of, to me, sums up how far things have come over the last few years."

Aldean is well on his way to country music stardom. He's sold 1.9 million concert tickets this year -- including a sold-out concert Saturday at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. His last album, the multiplatinum "My Kinda Party," produced five hit singles and won the Country Music Association's Album of the Year award. "Night Train" appears set to follow right down the tracks. "Take a Little Ride," the first single, set a record for first-week digital downloads by a male country solo artist. The disc will also offer a few different musical flavors, including an appearance by Luke Bryan and Eric Church on "The Only Way I Know."

"I think [it's] going to be a really big highlight on the record," Aldean said. "And then we've got a song on here that's called '1994' that is really unlike anything I've ever cut before. ... The object is to have people rolling on the floor laughing when they hear this thing for the first time. So it's almost like taking a little trip, a ride back to 1994 and some things that went on back then."

-- Chris Talbott, Associated Press