When one assesses the merits of the progressive rock movement from the late 1960s and '70s, a few obvious names come to mind—Yes, of course; Peter Gabriel-era Genesis; and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Too often, however, the merits of Britain's Supertramp are unduly overlooked. Few bands managed to so successfully bring a progressive sensibility to a sound that also incorporated the harmonic intelligence of the Beatles.

Supertramp made art-rock that sounded like pop and worked its way into the mainstream without sacrificing any of its sophistication and complexity.

Though Supertramp was a band affair, in many ways, the voice and songwriting of Roger Hodgson remain that music's key signifier. Indeed, the Hodgson tunes "Dreamer," "School," "The Logical Song," "Breakfast in America," "Take the Long Way Home" and "Give a Little Bit" provided the band with most of their many hits.

Hodgson has toured several times over the past decade as a solo act, and those shows—one in particular at the Fallsview Casino comes to mind—have been inspired affairs. Now, Hodgson has enlisted a full backing band and has taken to these shores with his "Breakfast in America" tour. The reviews have been pretty much unanimous: This is the real deal.

Hodgson and band come to Artpark on Tuesday with guest Stacy Clark. Tickets are $5 prior to Sunday; $10 after that; or $25 for front-of-stage pit reservations (box office,

— Jeff Miers