A new art space, the Project 308 Gallery, has popped up at 308 Oliver St. in North Tonawanda. The gallery, which will "cater to multimedia forms and events" under the direction of gallerist Natalie Brown, opens its first exhibition tonight.

The gallery's exhibitions, according to Brown, "will be based on contemporary themes and innovative ideas which challenge typical museum codes and boundaries." The first boundary to come tumbling down at Brown's gallery is perhaps the best-known museum rule of all time: hands off the art.

"Tactile Objects: Seeing Through Feeling" features the work of painter Sherri Marranca, who has long incorporated textures and braille lettering into her work. Visitors are encouraged to touch the art, an approach Brown wrote "calls attention to how a museum functions and how it shapes the way the public views and interacts with art."

The show, which remains on view through Sept. 20, also features work by sculptor Ellen Rogers. More information is at

-- Colin Dabkowski