For its inaugural presentation in the Buffalo Outer Harbor Concert Series, the new concert promotion team of Fun Time After Dark is going for the brass ring.

Girl Talk -- the nom de plume for DJ/mash-up artist Gregg Michael Gillis -- is one of the hippest outdoor bookings to be included in the summer concert season of 2012. While classic rock, alt-rock and various permutations of the "oldies" concept have filled our roster this year -- more for better than for worse, as it turns out -- the Girl Talk booking represents one of the few instances of heretofore "underground" club music making it out of basement bars and dance clubs, and onto the mainstream stage.

The Outer Harbor Concert series -- starting at 7 p.m. Thursday with Girl Talk, followed by Edgefest on Sept. 2 and Dropkick Murphys with Snapcase on Sept. 14 -- is located on the grounds of the old Pier/Shooters restaurant, at 325 Fuhrman Blvd. Tickets are $28 (Ticketmaster, Town Ballroom box office).

-- Jeff Miers