Davey O.

Who?: Rust-belt troubadour, observer of life's trials, travails and triumphs, and crafter of songs that, according to the man himself, strive to "contain at least a kernel of the truth."

What?: On his just-released collection, "Testing For Rust," (H3O Records) Davey O. crafts intimate, folk- and country-based slices of a life examined. With a journalist's eye for detail and poet's ear for the well-turned observation, O. finds the universal in the particular, turning day-to-day minutiae into dusty paeans to the indomitability of the human spirit.

Why?: Buffalonians in particular should find plenty of familiar signposts in the stirring folk-blues "No Money Down." The touchingly titled "The Absence of Madaline" will resonate with anyone who's endured a broken heart. Which means pretty much everyone everywhere, doesn't it?

What's next?: Davey O. performs during the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts on Aug. 25 and 26.

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-- Jeff Miers