The FBI and Buffalo police rounded up more members of the LRGP Crew Wednesday as part of a joint effort at dismantling the violent East Side drug gang.

Agents also arrested a Houston, Texas man accused of being one of the gang’s major drug suppliers.

“The LRGP has been designated a violent street gang and has been involved in drug dealing, street level violence and the use of firearms,” said Christopher M. Piehota, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI office in Buffalo.

Law enforcement officials said the LRGP Crew operated around the Broadway Market and, like many gangs, relied on violence to protect is turf on Lombard, Rother, Gibson and Playter, the East Side streets that reflect the gang’s name.

The arrests also followed a grand jury’s indictment of 20 people on drug trafficking charges.

“As I have stated many times, our office is committed to working collectively with our law enforcement partners at all levels to rid the streets of our community of gangs,” U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. said in a statement.

This latest crackdown against the LRGP Crew is the second in six months and is the work of the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force, the same group that oversaw the dismantling of the 7th and 10th Street gangs on the city’s West Side.

The indictment claims, for the first time, that the gang’s cocaine ring stretched from Buffalo to Houston.

Prosecutors said Earl Brown, 50, a Houston resident, would ship large quantities of cocaine to Franklin Richards, 30, of Buffalo, and Richards would distribute it to Dewayne Gray, 27, of Buffalo.

Court papers describe Grey as the leader of the LRGP Crew. Gray and other members of the gang are accused of then selling the coke in the city’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

During the investigation, federal agents seized money, as well as drugs. In one instance, $112,00 was taken from a suspected gang member at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, two separate Indictments charge Brown, Richards, Gray, Wilfred Wiley, 31, Anthony Clark, 46, Lester Sessum, 52, John Williams, 37, Kevin Emmons, 28, James Jones, 28, John P. Evans, 28, Alexis L. Mills, 29, Dijaon Bland, 22, Philip T. Brown, 19, John K. Hayward, 28, Demario Devon Nance, 30, Kiara McNamee, 20, Erika Gray, 30, Timothy Finch, 23, Dayshawn Brazier, 20, and Robert Cavanaugh, 49, with conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.