The Push Stars a Boston, Mass.-born alternative rock/folk trio, fronted by Buffalo's own Chris Trapper -- is renowned for late '90s releases such as "After the Party" and "Tonight." The band -- Trapper, drummer/vocalist Ryan MacMillan and bassist/pianist/vocalist Dan McLoughlin -- has been on hiatus for several years, as Trapper pursued (rather successfully) his solo career. Happily, the three musicians stayed friends, and they are now working together around one other's demanding and varied schedules.

The New York Times once referred to the sound of the Push Stars as "classic pop perfection," and that's a rather accurate description of a music that moves lithely, boasts indelible melodies and introspective lyrics, and has a habit of staying with you long after a few listens. Trapper is one of our town's most revered traveling troubadours, and his solo work has established him as a songwriter du jour of the past decade. But the prospect of the Push Stars together again can't help but to excite the imagination.

The Push Stars will reunite for a show at 7 p.m. Sunday in Nietzsche's (248 Allen St.) with the Corrections. Tickets are $25.

-- Jeff Miers