Avalon Landing

Who?: Mike Vargovich, Clayton Cobb, Josh Rabenold, Ryan Martin and Danny Jacobellis. What?: An alternative rock band born in Buffalo, now working in Las Vegas, making its bid for the big time with its music. Sample some of the band's new "Demos, Dead-Ends and Do- Overs" via iTunes. Why?: Singer/guitarist Vargovich dreamed up the concept of Avalon Landing while after-hours dining at Pano's on Elmwood Avenue. Vargovich convinced a few of his musician friends to drop their lives in Buffalo, head for that great American panacea in the desert—Vegas!—and give it a go as a full-time band. That was a little more than a year ago. Now, the band is making noise in its adopted city, has released some new music and is attempting to reconnect with its hometown.

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-- Jeff Miers