Two recent letter writers attempted to justify the far left policies of our government, but in two very different ways. One attempted to glorify what he believes to be liberal programs that be believes benefit the country, and the other blames all of the country's woes on what he calls the far right. Both letters were false as well as irrational.

To the one who wants credit for all of the liberal programs: Up until the Obama administration, with very few exceptions, no policy or program, good or bad, would have become law without support of both parties, the exception being those by the stroke of executive pen. Many were Republican programs, but that is a whole other letter. Sorry, both parties get the credit for the good and both for their failure.

To the one who wishes to blame the far right: This country has never seen a combination of more debt, more unemployment, more poverty, more loss of manufacturing or higher taxes than any time in our history. All politicians, right and left, repeat the same truth - that our spending on entitlement programs and public union benefit programs is the problem and the spending is unsustainable. The government can't tax everyone enough - rich, middle class and poor - to maintain the current rate of spending. I do not make an argument pro or con with respect to public unions. Cities and communities across the country are filing for bankruptcy. The writer blames the far right for the country's woes, but the programs and policies that were put in place and then expanded far beyond their original intent were almost all started by the left.

Bruce W. Dittly

North Tonawanda