Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Compilation CD Vol. III

What?: A compilation featuring recordings of original songs by Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductees Mark Freeland, McCarthyizm, Jessie Galante, V&E, Nelson Starr, Stuart Ziff, The Unity Band, Weekend, Bob James, Dick Baurele, Eric Anderson, Michael Spriggs, Mark Winsick, Willie Haddath, Phil Dillon and Tom Hambridge.

Why?: The BMHOF's modus operandi is its commitment to honoring musicians who have contributed to the ever-evolving "Buffalo sound" over the years. This third installment in the CD series truly represents much of the width and breadth of our area's talent. What can you say about a collection that commences with the avant-garde, ebullient genius of the late Freeland, and ends with a contribution from Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Hambridge? How about "our music scene rocks," for starters!

What's next?: The 30th annual BMHOF Induction Gala takes place at 7 p.m. Oct. 4 in the Tralf Music Hall.

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-- Jeff Miers