United States is looking? more like Greece every day

After saying that he's tired of reading about whining conservatives, a July 23 letter writer does a little whining of his own. In a typical liberal rant, he blames Wall Street, the Bush administration and the Supreme Court for policies he says have hurt the economy and threaten democracy itself. Then he proceeds to enumerate a lengthy list of "honorable" liberal accomplishments, many of which, incidentally, comprised the socialist party platform in the 1930s.

Mindless of the reasons for Europe's economic meltdown, his blind partisanship would give us the same by convincing people that the rich and conservatives want to starve the poor, ignore the disabled, provide us with dirty water and air, and keep women in bondage, while exploiting minorities for profit. In fact, many of the programs he mentions are good and had bipartisan support. Many are not so good, and many liberal policies he doesn't mention are actually destructive to the economy, our core culture and freedom. For instance, liberals support political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity training, hiring quotas, an international criminal court, abortion on demand, socialized medicine, gays in the military, open borders and secularism.

Aside from the fact that each "accomplishment" costs everyone a little more precious freedom and money, the problem with the list is that it continues to expand with no set limits. The environment is never pure enough, people are never safe enough and nothing is ever "fair" enough. Solution? More government programs, which grow and multiply exponentially. These, of course, require ever-more taxes and more freedom-choking regulations. With a $16 trillion debt and 15 million unemployed, the United States is looking more like Greece every day.

James Costa



Health insurers should ?cover 3-D mammograms

I have recently learned that many health insurance companies are not approving payment for 3-D mammograms. After doing some research, I found 3-D mammograms are the latest and best technology available for helping women to remain healthy. They provide a much clearer picture for the doctors to analyze and ultimately much more comfort and reassurance for patients. I am thrilled to be able to take advantage of this improvement in technology. If I have to pay an additional co-pay, I will do so willingly, but health insurance companies need to take a step into the future and show women they are in our corner.

Dorothy Joseph



Right wingers refuse? to take responsibility

There is an entity in this great country that is responsible for, but will never admit to, most of the woes some go through on a day-to-day basis as Americans. The members of this group are experts at deflection. They use mass communication and media to make sure some of us believe them, and their message, while completely insulting, shoots down any counter-message that may make sense or have an intellectual high ground. They do not believe in anything intellectual. They are doing their best to destroy it. In many places in our country, intellectualism is being run out on the rails. They do not want "thinkers." They want followers.

They are responsible for the latest wars and how we are fighting them. They are responsible for the people who have died. They are responsible for the current economic crisis and, more egregious, they are responsible for the fact that we have not recovered. They are responsible for why we have to have assault rifles available to mentally disturbed individuals. They are, ultimately, responsible for this great country's decline. And because they scream and shout and say "God Bless America" louder than any of us, none of us can see what they truly are.

Who are they? The political right wing of this great country. They are responsible, yet they blame President Obama. How absurd. Those who hitch their wagon to this mindless charade do so at their own peril. They will soon find out that all the enemies they have been warned about are really the good guys.

Jim McDonough



New York sorely needs ?campaign finance reform

After reading the July 22 News article on campaign contributions in New York State, I am more convinced than ever that we are irreparably broken.

Our governor campaigned on the promise to fix New York. Instead we are in for more of the same foolishness that has taken us from the Empire State to a state of shame.

The only way to get anything done in this state is to pay to play. Lobbyists, developers and wealthy businessmen contribute tens of thousands of dollars and receive the friendship and help of our state leaders.

Meanwhile, the voters stand by frustrated as nothing of value happens in our legislature that is not good for the major contributors.

This state needs campaign contribution reform now. However, this will not happen because the state elected officials who have to pass laws regulating reform are too busy collecting money for their next run to make sure that they can stay on the dole for the foreseeable future.

William Kraus



Don't let shooting ?get the best of us

Our entire family of man weeps at yet another horrific random shooting. It is becoming increasingly difficult to feel safe anywhere, to trust strangers and to simply carry on as if "it can't happen to me." Although this aura of fear is a pervasive and natural response to such a tragedy, we must remember that the vast majority of people we meet and interact with every day are not going to harm us.

Perhaps our greatest collective challenge, in this world of sometimes senseless violence, is to continue projecting gentle kindness to others and to try to assume the very best in people. It is my heartfelt, hopeful prayer that this aggregate peacefulness toward our fellow man can truly spread like a warm, rippling wave across the entire planet, and that we not let those few thugs and madmen affect our attitude and behavior toward each other. A common thread in the very fabric of all religions is love. Let us begin there.

Joseph Ciarlo

East Aurora


Current makes it tough ?to keep sand on beach

I am writing in response to The News article, "Study to test feasibility of sand beach on waterfront." Long jetties are used to save the beaches along the Atlantic coastline. Ours would probably need to be long and deep. Constant river current will be the greatest limitation. It would not be pretty.

Bill Blakeslee