Everyone has a favorite summer tradition. For some, it's a mega-fest such as the Allentown Art Festival or the Elmwood Festival of the Arts; for others, it's a less trumpeted affair such as the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion. And for a small but growing group of dedicated film lovers, it is Squeaky Wheel's Outdoor Animation Festival.

The annual gathering, launched in 2003, has become a summer staple in Allentown. Each July, it draws larger crowds to Days Park, where Squeaky Wheel presents a series of animated shorts projected onto a large outdoor screen. This summer's program features 16 short films ranging from a playful youth project called "The History of Cereal" to Miguel Jara's unsettling black-and-white rumination "Everything Is Going to Be Alright."

The free festival gets going at 8:30 p.m. Saturday with a few rounds of Bingo and some interactive activities, with the screening set to start at dusk. For more information on the event, which is officially part of the 2012 Infringement Festival, visit or call 884-7172.

-- Colin Dabkowski