The smart, dynamic twin guitar interplay, the happy-hippy uplifting vocals, the indie-rock underpinnings, the relaxed, back porch jam vibe all combine to make Young the Giant one of the more interesting alternative rock bands coming on the national scene over the past several years. Sure, the band has had a little help from its heavy television presence, on such TV mainstays as "Glee," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and the like. But YTG shows no sign of being a small-screen flash in the pan. There are substance and maturity in the group's compositions; there's abundant imagination evident in those compositions' cliche-free lyrics; and in singer Sameer Gadhia, YTG boasts one of the most refreshingly pretense-free frontmen in the business.

The Californian quintet's sound has been described as "sun-soaked indie-rock," and that does indeed go a long way toward explaining YTG's appeal. It also suggests that the group is a perfect contender for a memorable Thursday at the Harbor show.

Young the Giant will summon the sun to the waterfront on Thursday, beginning at 5 p.m. with performances from guests Bahamas and the Apache Relay. Admission is free.

-- Jeff Miers