Stevie Nicks could teach the modern diva class a thing or 10. These days, pop stars are urged to "develop a persona," something memorable and easy to sell, but since she and then-beau Lindsey Buckingham first teamed with British band Fleetwood Mac in the mid-'70s, Nicks has presented one of the most believable personas in all of pop, seemingly without too much effort. That's simply because she wasn't acting -- the Stevie Nicks persona is the genuine article. Her sultry blend of hippie earthiness and Romantic mysticism wasn't concocted in a boardroom.

Nicks' quavering, emotive singing and poetic lyrics are indeed part of the reason for the band's massive success. They were also enough to establish her as a significant solo artist, one whose biggest hits echoed a Mac-like mysticism and further established Nicks' earth-goddess mystique. That mystique remains -- in fact, it's all over Nicks' latest album, "In Your Dreams," her first in 10 years and one of her most memorable.

Before teaming up with Rod Stewart later in the summer for a continuation of their co-headlining "Heart & Soul" tour, Nicks is playing a string of solo-headlining dates, including a sold-out concert at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Seneca Events Center, Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls.

-- Jeff Miers