All the talk about how Ralph Wilson does not spend money was silenced last Thursday with the Buffalo Bills' signing of defensive end Mario Williams.

Buffalo had been marked as a team that no player would want to go to; it hasn't made the playoffs since 1999 and the owner supposedly didn't want to spend money. That changed when the free agency bell struck at 4 p.m. last Tuesday. The Bills flew a private jet down to pick up Williams in North Carolina.

"I thought I had to get on Continental [Airlines] or something," Williams said during a news conference. "I was ecstatic," he added about getting on a private jet.

Williams seems like a down-to-earth guy. When asked on NFL Network if he wanted to send a message to Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez, he nonchalantly said, "I really don't want to talk too much, we'll see what happens when we get there. I'm not a big talker."

Besides a six-year deal worth up to $100 million dollars, Williams wanted to be sure this was the right place to raise a family.

"Football is 50 percent of this, but the next 50 is how I'm going to feel comfortable outside of football," he said.

Some people might be skeptical of this move when looking at past moves by the Bills. Aaron Maybin was a first-round pick in 2009. He played 27 games without a single sack and he ended up being released. Dwan Edwards was signed in free agency in 2010 and only had 3.5 sacks in 27 games. The Bills needed a solid guy that was proven, and Williams has been with 53 sacks in 5 1/2 seasons.

Buffalo is headed in the right direction with the 10th overall pick in the upcoming draft.They might want to solidify the wide receiver spot or the offensive tackle and grab another defensive end to shore up the other side of the line.

Williams said, "Knowing what upgrades and things are coming in the near future...," so who knows, what else is in store for the Bills.

Keith Latta is a sophomore at Newfane High School.