Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but can be posted under pen names.

Restaurants Reviewed: News Editor Margaret Sullivan's column about the decision by iconic restaurant reviewer Janice Okun to step down resulted in this heartfelt response from Barbara Oconnell of Forestville:

OMG! Janice, you have been my friend for the entire 38 years, even though we have never met. Once I wrote to you about a recipe in your column and you wrote back to me! It was like getting a letter from the pope! I will miss you so much but thank you for the 38 years.

Barry Zavah of Alpine, Texas, added:

To say that I want everything to remain the same while I have migrated to remote Far West Texas is clearly disingenuous, so I won't say that (aloud). We'll miss your dining reviews, Janice, and thanks for guiding us to many excellent restaurants and away from some turkeys.

Watching Chef Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" shows that many owners and chefs understandably have large, artistic egos that do not easily lend themselves to accepting criticism of the primary ingredients of a successful establishment: food and service! Where egos respond to reason and make a necessary correction in quality and service, you've assisted them in making a living, helping their employees and, of course, giving value to their customers. Continue to enjoy the post-News working years!


Sabres Edge: John Vogl's blog on the reaction of Ryan Miller to the Sabres sending his friend, Paul Gaustad, to Nashville, brought this response from dan897857:

See, this is exactly what has been wrong with this team for so long. Winning hockey games and becoming better isn't about keeping best friends together. Gaustad sure made a lot of money to just win faceoffs and kill penalties for the team. He is very unproductive in the point department and has no playoff goals in 38 games.

If Miller has a problem with his friends leaving and not realizing what a great deal Darcy got for him, then maybe Darcy should lump together Miller and a first-round pick for an immediate impact player next year. I'm glad to see Darcy finally letting some of his core players go to improve this team. Since the Drury/Briere fiasco, this group has not been able to get things done With this year, we will have missed the playoffs in three of the last five years, and the two years we made it we choked in the first round.

Gfromarizona advised:

As I stated the other day, Miller can't keep giving away games when he yields the "ultra-softie" wraparound. My grandson, an 11-year-old goalie, could have stopped that. Watch Rinne of Nashville, or the fabulous Brodeur of New Jersey. They could give clinics on how to play the post. Miller should watch their game tapes and learn something. Right now, he's the one costing them the lost point here and there.


Wall Street: In response to an article by News Albany Bureau chief Tom Precious on the effect of lower Wall Street bonuses, Chancellor Carlyle Roberts II of Buffalo wrote:

Ah, yes, the other side of people whining (in obvious jealousy) about Wall Streeters getting huge bonuses. When will people realize that other people getting more money means they get taxed more (unless they find some government-legislated cuts or loopholes)?

Maureen Harding of Buffalo added:

Oh, for crying out loud, people! We know best what happens to one-horse towns. This entrenched financialization of our economy here in New York is the problem, not the solution.


Radio merger: In response to News staff reporter Jane Kwiatkowski's article on changes resulting from the move in which WBFO-FM 88.7 and WNED-AM 970 combine their operations, Tom Petrocelli of Williamsville said:

Actually, it marks the continuation of the evisceration of WBFO into another bland and boring PBS talk station. From a station that used to have innovative local jazz programming, cover the local music scene and had entire weekends full of blues and world music (Afropop Worldwide!) we now have a station that has almost no local or unique programming. WBFO is done. I wish they would close it and put it out of its misery. Thank god for the Internet.