Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Sabres Edge: Mike Harrington's blog about Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff's collision with defenseman Jordan Leopold during practice brought this observation from ferret:

I wish the Sabres had the fastest team in the league again. I hate all these guys who skate like turtles and fall over into the coach. I'm watching the Oilers right now. All I can say is wow, they are so fast and talented. Detroit is another team that can really skate well. In the 1980s Buffalo put together a roster so they could be big and slow like the Bruins when they should have been like Western teams with speed, grit and talent.

BrooklynSabres wished the coach well:

Say what you will about Lindy and his coaching, but he is a pretty droll, funny guy and I for one am looking forward to hearing his cracks about Leopold and this season's injury bug. Feel better, old man!

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'Dirty Harry' ad: An Associated Press article about Chrysler's "Halftime in America" ad featuring actor/director/tough guy Clint Eastwood caused quite a political stir, to which Rick Fickhesen of Amherst responded:

The ad was a patriotic appeal to a major core problem facing America: the loss of our manufacturing base. The GOP would be missing the boat if it made a fuss about this, as it was clearly a pro-American ad with an appeal to turn things around through manufacturing, which is something everyone should embrace. The use of the conservative Eastwood further validates that this was far from a partisan ploy.

What a sad sign of the times it is if an appeal to restore American manufacturing greatness is something we quarrel about when it should in fact be something we all rally around.

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Jeff Simon: The News critic's disappointment with Madonna's NFL halftime performance brought several comments, including this from Frank Daddario of Akron:

While I find most halftime shows to be boring and useless, I was kind of looking forward to the Madonna show. I still felt that she had something to give in the way of a performance. I sat with about 30 others and watched what I thought was a terrible performance. It was overdone. Too many people on stage took away from the greatness I was expecting from her. I agree that other performances from other aging rockers have been just as bad. Maybe the NFL needs to rethink the whole halftime issue just like it needs to rethink the lame Pro Bowl.

Arldean Alejandro of Carthage, Mo., said:

I thought Madonna was great. I liked the fact that I could sing along with the halftime show. Her music was dead on and entertaining. I could have done without MIA's gesture but I don't think Madonna had much control over that. This was the first time that I watched the entire Super Bowl. Also, in this day and age, 60 is not old.

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Winter weather?: In response to News staff reporter Gene Warner's article about our unseasonably warm winter and the effect on nature, Robert Wendt of Buffalo said:

We're having a winter like normally seen in and around Washington, D.C. don't think we will necessarily be overrun with insects and see the end of days

It seems we are incapable of just savoring a "gift" of a less harsh winter here in Buffalo. Why do we need to hear all these negatives? Our weather has to be the screwiest around. Remember last April/May? It was cold in the beginning and popped at the end to where we needed air conditioning.

As long as we live here, we get what we get. And as long as we accept the fact that if the weatherman says it's raining, go outside and check, we will be much happier.

Michael Martinez of Lake View observed:

Science, fact, statistics, or speculation, fear, panic. Take your pick, folks. Mother Nature does what she does and keeps on doin' it, and what a mother she can be.