>Far From Yesterday

We drove home that night

The Night that everything had happened.

How Far have we come?

Since yesterday?


It was all just dreams.

Prayers for a better future and hope,

But now it's real.

It's tangible.

For a moment you feel it in your hands,

it's there.


The feeling is overwhelming,

You just did something amazing, important.

You set your goals, you made it, you fought for it

Came out on top after all of these years.

The rain

Falling on the window panes,

it lulls you to sleep.

But then,

You open your eyes

The interior of the car is gone

You're back home.

Surrounded by white bedroom walls

A dream?

It was that.

Only a dream.

-- Kristen Wetzel, Clarence High School



Hold on

To your memories of youth

Don't forget all those times

Where the earth felt alive

Hold on

To your dream of happiness

Where love was formed

And all your senses roared

Hold on

To the chances you are given

For they may not last

Opportunity is on your track

Don't let go

While the wind is on your side

Accomplish the unrealistic

And hold on

-- Rianna Jobanputra, Clarence High School