Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Buffalo Sabres: In response to News sports reporter John Vogl's article, "All quiet on the Sabres hockey front," Kyle Janiga of Las Vegas opined:

While I certainly agree that the arena has been very quiet this season, I can tell you that I have been to numerous games during past years and other than when they score, it has rarely been that loud in there. The high rafters probably don't help, but I think the stigma of the Buffalo fan base is the primary problem. We have been disappointed so many times in the past that we have an innate tendency to err on the side of caution when it comes to getting excited about our teams. We are so nervous that they are going to "blow it" that we can't bring ourselves to relax and just have fun at the games.

This season, expectations were so high at the beginning that I think most fans are in a dumbfounded stupor that this team has been so maddeningly inconsistent. All we want is a solid effort from EVERY PLAYER -- finish your checks, block shots, dive for pucks, drive to the net, earn that salary that most of us could only dream of. Then maybe, just maybe, the decibels will rise.

P.S. -- Management: Play some heavy rock music instead of that horrible techno or outdated 90s pop. When I attended a game in Anaheim that was all they played and it really pumped the fans up.

P.P.S. -- Stop dipsy doodling (Roy, Gragnani) and DUMP THE PUCK IN ON THE POWER PLAY! I have been yelling this at the TV for over half a decade and it never changes (Ruff).

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Postal Problems: Following News reporter Harold McNeil's article from a fiery meeting about a stalled plan to shut down mail processing at the William Street post office and transfer processing operations to Rochester, Thomas Chimera of Houston wrote:

email, email fax, Facebook, FedEx, UPS, Blackberry phones, Apple iPhones and text messages of every kind now compete successfully with the United States Postal Service business. The USPS today is analogous to the Pony Express of yet another bygone era. It's just a matter of time, folks. The best chance to save at least some of those jobs is to sell the whole nationwide postal system to a GE, or an EDS, or an IBM, or an SAP, or a FedEx, or a UPS where executive management is prepared to lead the charge for a successful model versus following the charge of others.

Don Nowak of West Valley added:

The area served by these facilities is a large stretch of Western and Central New York, and Buffalo is not at the center of this small universe. Couple that with the more modern equipment installed in Rochester and rapidly declining volume, and something has got to give.

The United States Postal Service needs to be given the freedom to downsize and utilize its over-capacity in the most efficient manner. Dozens of these facilities across the country need to be closed, and it is highly unlikely that the William Street station will survive, regardless how much the local politicians howl. In fact, I suspect Louise Slaughter is applauding this decision while Brian Higgins is singing the blues.

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Snow!: News reporter Karen Robinson's piece on Old Man Winter's quiet return, to the delight of ski resorts, prompted this spirited response from Chris Krueger of Buffalo:

I'm still laughing at Old Man Winter. That 1 inch you threw at the city is a joke. what have you got so far, old man? About 1.5 inches total for the season? Bring it on -- you got nothing!

Movie Melodrama: In response to an Associated Press story about slackening movie ticket sales in 2011, Chris Benker of Spring Valley, Calif., had this to say:

No one knows why?? Are you kidding me? Just ASK people! Who wants to spend $10 to $12 just to get in, then another $15 for pop, popcorn and treat? Then to watch a remake of some old movie, or a movie that just plain sucks! Come on Hollywood -- get a clue!