Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Buffalo Bills: In response to News sports reporter Jay Skurski's article, "Simply put, Fitzpatrick is Bills' QB: Despite recent struggles, Gailey has faith in him," Colston Burgher of Frisco, Texas, wrote:

Any team that drops off like we have needs to consider a new coach. As far as Fitz goes, I really don't think he is the biggest issue. Our secondary is horrible. We should think about drafting there, certainly not thinking about Robert Griffin. We passed on probably the best QB class last year since 1983. How is it that every year the same organizations field a good team and we can't? Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore, New Orleans, New England. Can anyone answer that? Maybe we should study their playbook or their scouting and draft policies.

I am so tired of having my hopes crushed every year and having people laugh at me when I tell them I am a Bills fan. Come on, guys, let's get it together. I was at two of the lost Super Bowls and lived through the other two. I live in Dallas so I have to hear about it all the time.

Let's get back there and give Buffalo something the faithful deserve.

P.S. Mark Murphy, the president and CEO of the Packers, went to Clarence High School. Maybe we can call him and ask for some help!

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High-tech learning: News staff reporter Stephen T. Watson's article on examples of schools such as Lancaster High allowing student use of cellphones as educational tools elicited this comment from Louis Ciola of Snyder:

While I applaud the recent advances in technology such as computers and cellphones, there are also distinct disadvantages which most people who are so jaded by these advances are not even aware of.

People are not even able to hold a conversation or read a book anymore because they are distracted by their electronic gadgets. I once observed a young kid playing a video game in the middle of a fireworks display on the Fourth of July!

The technology is alluring, no doubt about it. But equally disturbing today is the liberal use of electronic media in the classroom.

Sure, you can listen to music at lunch, or text on your cellphone, but what about a good old-fashioned conversation with one of your friends? What about the art of learning to relate to people?

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Back to the farm: News reporter Karen Robinson's piece about a Southern Tier man, Bryan Strzelec, who wants to take over the struggling Knox Farm State Park and return it to its farming roots got mixed reaction, including this from Joanne Bonsack of Colden:

Organic farm -- yes. A couple thousand chickens -- free ranging are you kidding me? Maybe a few hundred the logistics on that land don't permit it.

Suzanne Rogacki of Varysburg cheered:

What an awesome idea! Was recently remembering how awesome this farm was when it was a working farm and thinking how sad that this beautiful property is just sitting there I so hope this family is able to work something out to make this a lively, viable farm again! Good luck to the Strzelecs!

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An irreplaceable partner: News Niagara reporter Nancy A. Fischer's piece about a memorial service for a Niagara County sheriff's K-9 who fell to his death while on duty brought messages of comfort, including this from Bob Dziengielewski of Mulberry, Fla.:

I have never been so touched. Reading about Rocky just goes to show you there are still values in America. When a dog dies, people weep. God bless all the animals in the world. They do make it a tolerable place to live.

Rebecca Conti-Cole of Buffalo added:

You are a hero, Rocky! Craig, may Rocky's memory comfort you. Just so sad, but when you are ready, you must go on and train another dog so that you can pass on all that Rocky has taught you to another dog. That way, Rocky's legacy will live on. Take care.