Calling the Headstones a Canadian band just doesn't cut it. When one thinks of Canadian rock, generally speaking, one pictures nice folk-based songs with smart lyrics that tend to concentrate on emotional entanglements and broken hearts.

No, the Hugh Dillon-led band of ruffians always seemed much more "poor and angry in New York City" then they did "friendly and hopeful in the land of gratis health care." This band was like the Ramones, not Moxy Fruvous or Barenaked Ladies.

Which may be why the tough-as-nails, raise-your-beer "rawk" the band specialized in before it collapsed in a weary and booze-sodden heap a decade back, has never gone out of style. It was never really in style in the first place, and you can't lose what you never had, and didn't want.

So Dillon is back from his stint on Canadian television and doing what he was created to do. He's leading the Headstones again, and if "reunited" release "Binthiswayforyears" offers any indication of what's to come, Dillon has made the right choice. (Even if the band's website boasts the banner "The Headstones: Making Bad Life choices Since 1989," har har!).

The band is locked and loaded and on the lookout for you in concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Rapids Theatre (1711 Main St., Niagara Falls). Super Killer Robots will open. Tickets for the all-ages show are $35 advance, $40 day of show (box office, Ticketmaster).

-- Jeff Miers