His name was already associated with the brightest of musical luminaries from George Harrison to Bob Dylan to the Grateful Dead -- but that didn't stop guitarist supreme David Bromberg from screaming "Let me up, I've had enough," some three decades back. At the peak of his demand as a session player and his success as a solo artist and bandleader, Bromberg walked away, ditching California and the music business in favor of attending school in Chicago to learn how to make violins.

The fact that Bromberg just up and bailed on the music biz at the peak of his career? One has to admit -- that displays some serious fortitude.

That he's back and making music that offers such a virtuosic tour through the back alleys and estuaries of Americana music shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the Bromberg ouevre. The usual go-to descriptive when it comes to folks who can handle such a wide array of musical styles with such ease and grace is eclectic. But Bromberg certainly doesn't seem to be trying to be weird. He plays whatever he happens to be playing -- be it jazz or bluegrass, rock 'n' roll or country and western -- with a blend of respect, playfulness and serious chops.

Bromberg will be doing just that at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall, Buffalo State College. Tickets range from $15 for students to $35 for lower-tier seats (box office, and

-- Jeff Miers