White Whale & Mall Walkers

Who?: Buffalo indie-rock bands go the vinyl route, splitting the difference on a seven-inch single released on the independent Feral Kid Records label. White Whale (Patrick Shanahan, Derek Raybeck and David Dluga) contribute "Get Down" and "No Fun," while the Mallwalkers (Dan Carosa, Stephen Floyd, Andy Dennison, Stephen Schmitt, Norelle Merlo and Rot Stewart) offer "Won't You Dance With Me?" and "Lo-Fi Losers." Neither band cracks the 2-minute barrier.

What?: A release party takes place at 7 p.m. Monday in Sugar City (19 Wadsworth St.). A $3 donation will be accepted at the door.

Why?: This is high-octane garage rock. Short, sharp and oh so to-the-point, the ethic of both bands owes more than a little to Detroit's the Stooges, purveyors of the raw power chord and frantic fuzz-bass. This is the sort of punk rock that existed well before anyone had even started calling it punk rock, and is indicative of the thriving underground music scene in Buffalo.

Check Out:,,, for free downloads of Buffalo indie punk bands, including Mallwalkers.

-- Jeff Miers