Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Sabres: In response to John Vogl's story about the team's inconsistencies, Bill Chapin of Gambrills, Md., complained:

This team is getting hard to watch, and I am a diehard. The lack of hustle on the forecheck when compared to what Philly was doing out there was embarrassing. Until Ruff and Regier go, things will never change. What do you think happens when everyone gets healthy? All of the young guys playing hard will be back in Rochester and we will have the same old stiffs back in action. Philly traded their cornerstone players before the season started and are flourishing for it because they were not team guys. Do you think Regier would trade away any of his babies, or Ruff would ever sit them? A fresh face would come in and play the players who were actually working, without bias, and the team would be where it is supposed to be.

Erik Bothwell of Austin, Texas, added:

Bill from Maryland, thank you for actually being right. Many Sabres fan are still under the illusion that this system will still work somehow. If it was going to work, it would have by now. And besides Ruff and Regier, I can name six more that we can let walk, too.


Solar powered parking?: An article by News staff reporter Aaron Besecker on the City of Buffalo's exploration of solar-powered parking meters elicited skeptical reviews, including this from Ed Dinsmore of Buffalo:

One month seems like an awfully short time period to evaluate their reliability. Especially considering that it hasn't snowed yet, and there has been no freezing rain, sleet, etc., that will provide the ultimate test. I wonder what types of sensors are going to be used also. Will they work when buried by snow, ice or the inevitable black mass that forms in the course of the typical winter? I am always leery of solutions from people who live in warm places.

Brian Adamczyk of Buffalo offered this opinion:

Sounds like a good idea but we certainly need a longer time than that to test, especially in colder months. I think it is a bit unfair to reset a meter after a car leaves, yet the time has been paid for. Unless the city plans on refunding the difference to the person. Besides, time remaining on a meter is absolute bliss to us, why take it away?


Bruce Andriatch: Following a column promising to spend once a month in 2012 celebrating Buffalo's institutions, George Thomakos of Tonawanda said:

My family and I just moved back to the Western New York area after living in Michigan for 25 years. Things that we missed and are loving now that we're back are Ted's, Anderson's and Duff's. All on Sheridan Drive and all just five minutes from our house. My 16-year-old was not happy about leaving Michigan but Mighty Taco and the friendly welcome he's gotten from his new friends has put a smile on his face.

Gary Swiatowy of Gasport added:

As you talk about what we have that is priceless in Lockport we have Reid's on one side of the canal and Wide Waters on the other, both have great food and have been there for ages.

We have Martin's Fantasy Island, I've gone there as a child, and now take my grandkids there. How about Shea's, a historic building hosting a fantastic Broadway series.

We have our losses, but we still have a lot going for us.


Pearl Harbor: News reporter Lou Michel's fascinating piece on the 70th anniversary of the attack, which featured veterans of that day, brought this note of appreciation from Rich McCarthy of Buffalo:

We owe each of these men (and women) a debt unpayable. Regardless of how one feels about war or the reasons for engaging in conflict, a simple "thanks" is in order for every man or woman serving our country and a heartfelt "thank you" to those who are still with us (their numbers are dwindling rapidly) who served in World War II.

You want heroes? These were heroes.