Michael Mulley, the local photographer who has trained his lens on practically every corner of the Queen City, has a new exhibition of photographs opening at 6 tonight in his Queen City Gallery (617 Main St.).

Like many Buffalo photographers, Mulley has been struck by the decline of the city's neglected architectural landmarks. For his most recent body of work, "We Were Here," he set out with the simple desire to help humanize structures that long ago lost their human inhabitants and to bring their decline into sharper focus for those who may have stopped caring. The buildings he captured in the series include the Lafayette Hotel (now under restoration), St. Matthew's Church on the East Side and the empty buildings that once bustled with Bethlehem Steel workers.

"The distance of years make them them less and less important to us and we find ourselves so separated from them that they begin to mean nothing to us at all," Mulley wrote in a statement. "It's hard to fathom the joy of worship in a church that you see only as an eyesore. The same fate is true of countless places that meant something to someone who's no longer here."

For more info on the show, which runs through Thursday, call 868-8183.

-- Colin Dabkowski