Jackie Evancho is just 11, but she has the rich pipes, the expression and the self-possessed qualities of a much more mature singer. She is also a show-biz veteran, appearing on "America's Got Talent" and singing at the National Tree Lighting ceremony last year in Washington, D.C. She knows how to handle a mic, and to reach high notes many listeners have called unbelievable.

See her for yourself -- and reassure yourself that she is not lip-synching -- at Shea's Performing Arts Center this week. Jackie will be performing a Christmas concert. It promises to be a wonderful way to appreciate her gifts. Her album "O Holy Night" was a best seller, and Christmas songs bring out the pureness of her tone.

Evancho presents her concert "Heavenly Christmas" at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Shea's. Tickets are $35-$95. For more info, call 847-1410.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman