Steve Schiltz, late of pioneering New York City indie-rock outfit Longwave, just dropped his second album beneath the moniker Hurricane Bells. Though he had a bit of help in spots, the majority of the excellent sophomore effort "Tides and Tales" was crafted, performed and recorded by Schiltz. The end result is a rich, multilayered indie-rock/trippy-pop collection that boasts a laid-back, DIY vibe despite the fact that Schiltz is said to have slaved over the recording itself, a detail-oriented process at odds with the self-imposed two-week deadline under which he penned all 12 of the album's songs.

Though he likes to go it alone in the studio, when Hurricane Bells arrives for a show at 8 p.m. Saturday in Mohawk Place (47 E. Mohawk St.), Schiltz will be fronting a full band. Fans of My Bloody Valentine, Television, and of course, Longwave, would be well-advised to check this out. Wildlife and the Demos will open. Tickets are available through

-- Jeff Miers