"Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever" by Jeff Kinney; Abrams, $13.95. 217 pages.

Greg Heffley's newest entertaining adventure includes his addiction to his Net Kritters virtual pet, an anti-bullying campaign at school (where all the playground equipment has been taken away as a safety hazard) and his brilliant idea to start a rival school bazaar with friend Rowley after he finds out the ice cream snacks sold at the bazaar can be bought way cheaper at the store. (Their attempt to build a Pac-Man arcade game for their bazaar is especially funny.)

At the end Greg, Rodrick, Manny and their mother are marooned during a snowstorm that floods the basement and seems to have knocked out power to the house. (Little brother Manny is starting to be more of a problem than ever, but we can't tell you more without spoiling the surprise.)

Jeff Kinney says he was inspired to write this new book (which has a light-blue cover) by three storms: A snowstorm in January; Hurricane Irene, which caused floods in New England this summer, and the recent October storm that caused Kinney's house to lose electricity and running water for almost a week.

-- Jean Westmoore



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Planets are round due to gravity's pull. As planets form, gravity pulls matter inward toward the center of the planet. When that happens, every part of the planet is pulled evenly toward the center, giving the planet its spherical shape. Not all planets are truly round, however. Because Earth is spinning, gravity forces the planet to have a slight bulge in its mid-section.

-- Time Book of Why