Let's face it -- the standard AM/FM radio doesn't quite have the luster it used to. As technology has advanced, we've been given satellite radio, with its specific niche stations, and podcasts, which delve even further into the obscure.

TuneIn ( exists to remind us of the way it used to be by combining old-fashioned radio with our thirst for information overload. The free service catalogs more than 50,000 AM, FM and Internet-only radio stations, all available for online streaming. You can choose among local radio, talk, sports and music stations from all over the world -- in a testament to TuneIn's worldliness, the website can be translated into 22 languages -- and you also can find your destination of choice by browsing genres.

TuneIn also offers a free app for various mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Like the site, the app is completely free, although the enviable ability to rewind, pause and record the station you're listening to will cost a flat fee of 99 cents via an upgrade to the pro version of the app.

However, it might be hard for TuneIn to convert those staunchly opposed to the radio. Even with its modern, Internet-based sheen, listeners who want to hear a specific artist don't need to flip through a bunch of obscure radio stations first. The Internet exists for instant gratification, and simply grafting an older format onto a newer one won't do anything for people who weren't already sold on the concept.

But for those who were, TuneIn provides a bank of radio stations more exhaustive than anywhere else. There's a lot to like with TuneIn, but it'll only be good for you if you know you'll like it before logging on.