Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Buffalo Sabres: Following an article by News sports reporter Mike Harrington on the near future of Ryan Miller and trade rumors, which the goaltender denies having an interest in, Todd Danni of Williamsville said:

Miller is your goalie, Sabres would be nuts to consider trading him unless HE wanted it. Not only is he a franchise goalie but a great community guy. Enroth is your trade bait, young and on top of his game, that's what we should of done with Drew years ago.

Larry Lucci of Bakersfield, Calif., added:

Good luck Ryan, I've been out here in SoCal over 18 years. People out here like hockey about as much as I like my hemorrhoids. They would rather spend their money on pot and fish tacos than tickets to a game. They think the Ducks are a Disney movie and, oh, what's his name again?, that Wayne something, something, still plays for the Kings. Every year I go to the sport bars and watch the Stanley Cup finals all by myself, while everyone around me watches soccer. There are no greater hockey fans than those from Western New York. My two cents to Ryan -- Don't do it! Go Sabres!

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Rod Watson: In response to his column about the importance of parental involvement in student education, Scott Allan of Alexandria, Va., observed:

I'm both a teacher and a parent, and I'd have to say that aside from an individual's own drive and desire, there is really nothing that compares to having loving, committed parents at home for achieving success in life. Not good or bad teachers (we've all had both), not one school or another. Although those other things can impact your success, a dedicated child with caring and attentive parents will overcome even those obstacles. And a highly motivated student will rise above all of it, even the most horrible parents.

Rich McCarthy of Buffalo added:

My God, how long ago did Bill Cosby utter that same observation? You can throw teachers and programs and schools at the problem from now until doomsday and UNLESS there is a family support group in the home to encourage the child and become involved in the child's education (homework, study habits) nothing is going to work.

As a matter of fact, UNLESS the parents become involved in the child's upbringing, the odds that the child will wind up in prison or dead on the street multiply with each passing generation.

Far too many of these kids see the gangs they hang with as their "family." The support they get from the gang is the support they should have been getting from their parents.

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Disco dancin': In response to News staff reporter Dan Herbeck's article on the annual World's Largest Disco event in Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, which raises money for Camp Good Days and Special Times, for kids with cancer, Kevin Johnson of Clarence Center laid it down:

Because it is what we do. Buffalo is full of great people who care! Dave P [organizer David Pietrowski] and the LoVullo gang embody this better than anyone. Rock on -- I mean, get down, my homies!

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Jerry Sullivan: After a column about a colossal gaffe (over-the-top antics celebrating a touchdown) by Stevie Johnson, which helped cost the Buffalo Bills last Sunday's game, Pat Bean of Powhatan, Va., said:

The Bills should add a fine and sit him for the first half next week. This is inexcusable for him, but there is a lot to be said for character. Is this what you get from your best receiver? He has hurt this team and embarrassed us as fans. Grow up Stevie!