Whatever "it" is, Arleigh Kincheloe has a ton of it.

The vibrant, dynamic, soulful and sexy frontwoman with Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds appears to be leaping out of her skin during the eight-piece band's rapidly becoming-legendary live shows, so taken is she by the sound -- a deeply musical, virtuosic, but sensual and danceable marriage of funk, soul, jam band, R&B, pop, rock and the avant-garde. Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds don't seem to make new fans at each gig, so much as they gather full-on converts.

When the band takes over Nietzsche's (248 Allen St.) tonight, it won't be the first time Kincheloe and her horn-inflected ensemble have graced a Buffalo stage. That happened over the summer, when a hastily arranged "pick-up" show took place in the Tralf Music Hall. The place was far from packed, but many who witnessed the band have rhapsodized about its prowess ever since.

This is not a group you want to miss twice. Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds take the stage at 10 tonight in Nietzsche's. Effective Resolution will open.

-- Jeff Miers