You've heard the songs. All I want for Christmas is you. Or my two front teeth. Or a white Christmas.

Video marketers have another view.

The holiday season is their time for hawking not just box sets of movies and television shows, but really big boxes. Sets costing three figures. Sets that contain movies you already own -- only with new extras, or in high-definition Blu-ray.

And big price tags. To be sure, these days many new Blu-ray releases are coming with bargain prices meant to nudge people away from DVDs (which also seem to be getting cheaper). But the big sets invite spending as much as they demand reinforced-shelf space.

A complete-series box of the original "Law & Order" includes more than 26,000 minutes of courtroom maneuvers and complicated crimes from the NBC drama's 20-year run. It has a suggested retail price of about $700.

There is a hunger for these boxes, especially among fans longing for every possible crumb of detail from one of their favorite productions. Hence the release of an eight-movie "Harry Potter" box set even as the eighth and final movie was making its way to home video.

Only there has been crying in the Pottersphere about the new set because it does not contain extras included in previous releases of the individual movies, let alone anything new. In fact, there has been at least one published report saying that there will be another big "Potter" box with lots of goodies. Later. After some completists have bought the current box.

A complete-series set of "Smallville," now in stores, does boast significant extras, new as well as old. But while individual seasons have been made available on Blu-ray, the big box is only on standard DVD.

Still, when you're trying to find that one-stop, perfect gift for a loved one, it may well be a big old box of video. And, with that in mind, here are some of the relatively recent and upcoming arrivals.

*Really Big Boxes -- $300 retail price and up:

"Smallville: The Complete Series (Warner, $339.88 DVD). Contains 218 episodes and 62 discs, along with extras. It arrived Tuesday, the same date that the 10th and final season was released on DVD and Blu-ray.

*$100-$300 retail:

"Band of Brothers/The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set" (HBO, $159.99 DVD, $40 more on Blu-ray). The two epic World War II series are packaged together in a gift box with a new documentary about what life was like after the war from the real people portrayed in the programs.

"Barney Miller: The Complete Series" (Shout! Factory, $159.99 DVD). The long-awaited release of the entirety of the classic sitcom, along with the first season of its spinoff "Fish."

"Big Love: The Complete Collection" (HBO, $199.99 DVD). Coming to stores Tuesday, the same date that the fifth and final season will be released on DVD.

"Cars Director's Edition" (Disney, $119). Blu-ray/DVD combo pack containing "Cars," "Cars 2" and the "cars toon" "Mater's Tall Tale" on 11 discs, in a collectible package.

"Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-ray Edition" (A&E, $199.95). The 88-episode fantasy series makes the move to high-definition in this 20-disc set. With archival extras and a new documentary, "Memories of Maya: An Epic Journey Explored."

"Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series" (Universal, $129.99 DVD). One of the best series of recent years collected in a single package.

"Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection" ($98.92 DVD, $139.99 Blu-ray). All of the movies in the saga, but without the extras included in some individual movie sets.

"It Takes a Thief: The Complete Series" (Entertainment One, $199.98 DVD). Robert Wagner was the embodiment of swaggering '60s cool in this ABC series from 1968-70. Besides the videos and a booklet, the box set includes coasters.

"The Lion King Trilogy" (Disney, $100 for a Blu-ray DVD combo pack). Contains "The Lion King," The Lion King 1 1/2 " and "The Lion King 2" along with extras. Eight discs.

"Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection" (Disney $169.99 Blu-ray). All four films in a treasure-chest package.

"Star Wars: The Complete Saga" ($139.99 Blu-ray). You can also find Blu-ray sets of the first three movies and of the last three for about $70 each, but the complete box has more extras.

*Under $100:

"Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy" (Universal, $49.98 DVD, $79.98 Blu-ray). All three films in the dinosaur-adventure series looking shinier (if not scarier) than ever.

"West Side Story 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set" (Fox, $69.99 Blu-ray/DVD combo). The acclaimed musical has hit video in several configurations; this big one includes a hardcover book and a CD of cover versions of songs from the show.