Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Bucky Gleason: In response to a column about Bruins winger and former boxer MilanLucic's eagerness to play the Sabres after having taken a shot against goalie Ryan Miller, Chris Cherico of St. Louis, Mo., posted:

Fire Ruff and Regier? This team is in first place and it's not even Thanksgiving. Thank God you idiots aren't running this team.

We are either being EXTREMELY coy and will retaliate appropriately or will do nothing. Based on what we've said over the past two weeks I'm afraid it might be the latter.

If someone is going to stand up on this team I think it is Cody McCormick -- hands down. Let's not forget that last year, he won over a lot of teammates by fighting Lucic in Boston when he was dead tired coming off a long shift. He still dropped the gloves, still manned up. I guess we'll see what happens.

Don Manuszewski of Cibolo, Texas, complained:

My only regret of the Pegula era is that it didn't start one summer earlier, when Chicago was having their "fire sale." Sure would be nice if Regier had gotten in on [Dustin Ray] Byfuglien. But that didn't happen. I see Lucic taking a couple of crappy penalties tonight due to his "expecting" something that's probably not coming.

Personally, I'd just like to see the Sabres not get pushed around by the rest of the Bruins. One guy won't beat them, as a team they need a bit more push-back.


Mail shortage: Following an article by News reporters Jerry Zremski and Deidre Williams on the struggles of the U.S. Postal Service, Don Nowak of West Valley opined:

Downsizing, consolidation and service reductions are inevitable as a result of the online technology revolution of the past 30 years. The existing structure and employment level of the Postal Service cannot be maintained any more than than that of the buggy and buggy-whip manufacturers after the advent of the automobile.

A viable Postal Service remains a necessity, but it will need a radically different business model to survive. Congress can continue to be an obstacle to reform, but even it has no stomach for absorbing the sea of red ink. The postmaster has proposed changes to make the system viable, but it remains to be seen if those changes will be enough.


Deer Hunter: An article by News staff reporter T.J. Pignataro on deer hunters' chance to use rifles across the Southern Tier and in Wyoming County brought this response from Michael Ruth of Buffalo:

I live in Chautauqua County and expressed concern to my wife about the lifted rifle restriction. I am a hunter and a rifleman, having taken game at distances over 400 yards and targets over 1,000 yards. My concern is not the weapon in the hands of someone who is trained to use it and is comfortable with it, but in the hands of someone who is trained but a little out of practice due to lack of use because of the restrictions. Anyone who shoots will tell you that practice and training are the key. Should the unfortunate, albeit isolated, incident involving the school bus supply sufficient reason to restrict rifles? No. It should be a warning to hunters who may be a little rusty with a rifle: get in some range time and watch your trajectories.


Tribute to a hero: News staff reporter Lou Michel's article on war hero Richard D. Duerr brought this note of appreciation from Patrick Dolan of Clarence Center:

Mr. Duerr, thank you for supporting our country. Your article reminded me of my father, who was also a ball turret gunner, on a B-24. He never talked much about his time serving in World War II. I do recall as clear as the day is long his response to my question, "how did you get to become a ball turret gunner." He said, "son, it was because I was one of the few who could fit down there." Thanks for sharing your story and reminding me of my dad and his time he spent supporting our country.