The Outbreak Tour came to town Sunday and went off in front of a sold-out crowd at Xtreme Wheels Skate Park on Hertel Avenue. The tour featured Of Mice and Men with IWrestledABearOnce, I See Stars, Abandon All Ships and That's Outrageous.

That's Outrageous took the stage at 5:30 in front of what would be about half of the total crowd for the show. Starting off with its electronic, heavy metal style, the band got the crowd warmed up for what was to come.

Following That's Outrageous, came a similarly styled band from Toronto, Abandon All Ships. The lead singer was not happy with the crowd. He had wanted to see more people there and expected them to know the bands' work and be singing along. Despite that, the set went very well, with a lot of people enjoying it despite the lead singer's somewhat negative attitude.

After Abandon All Ships wrapped up, the least heavy band on the bill, I See Stars, took the stage. The crowd, obviously more familiar with this band, sang along with vocalist Devin Oliver as the band played all of its heaviest songs. It definitely warmed up the crowd for the show's two heavy hitters on the bill: IWrestledABearOnce and Of Mice and Men.

At about 7:25, IWrestledABearOnce, a Louisiana band, took the stage with equipment that included strobe lights. By far the heaviest band on the bill, it put on about 35 minutes of high-energy, crowd-approved metal that definitely had a lot of people excited. With its technical performance, unique style and female vocalist Krysta Cameron, this was definitely one of the crowd favorites of the night.

Finally, at about 8:30, Of Mice and Men, the band that a lot of people came to see, took the stage with two members of the band missing. The vocalist/guitarist as well as the bass guitarist were not present, but the band had fill-in players for the show. Austin Carlile took over all the vocals. The crowd responded well to his performance and sang along.

As the band left the stage, it was immediately called back for requests for "one more song." When they came back on, the band said goodbye to the sold-out crowd with its hit song, "Second and Sebring."

Ed Slowinski is a senior at City Honors.