Don't forget to thank veterans for their service

For most of us, Veterans Day means a day off from work. Maybe we sleep in, or do a little shopping at those Veterans Day sales. But for many of the veterans the day is meant to honor, it's just another day at work. The culture in America has changed. It's a 24-hour, seven-day work week. The logo for our nation should be, "We never close." Americans want what they want, when they want it. As a result of that and our tenuous economy, many businesses have to stay open daily. Many do not close on holidays.

While schools, government businesses, banks and post offices are closed on Veterans Day, do workers and students appreciate why they have a day off? The day should be one for remembering our veterans and thanking them for their service. People enjoy the day off and take for granted what our veterans did for us. They willingly went to strange places and were put in harm's way to defend our freedoms. They don't expect anything in return.

My husband is a veteran. He manages a business in Buffalo. He has never had the luxury of taking off on Veterans Day. He continues to serve his country in the work he does -- keeping a modest business afloat by working extra hours on a salary and employing people from the community. He doesn't complain. He doesn't expect anything in return.

If we can't give our veterans a day off, we should at least remember why we are lucky enough to be off from work or school. Please remember to thank all the veterans in your life for serving their country.

Katie Geller



Support for Cain shows tea party is not racist

Ever since the tea party came on the scene more than a year ago, critics on TV and in the newspapers have insisted that the party is racist and against many of President Obama's policies only because he is a black man.

Now that the tea party favorite in many states is Herman Cain, another black man, let's hope that this puts this racist nonsense to rest.

Carmon Becker



Murder highlights need to deport illegal aliens

The violent murder of a woman in Albion is only compounded by the fact that the accused was in this country illegally. Our politicians continuously turn a blind eye to the illegal immigration problem facing those of us who understand the meaning of "illegal." I find it hard to believe that the condoning politicians from Washington down to the local level can sleep at night knowing their policy blessed the hands that wielded the murder weapon. I can only hope there are many of us who cannot sleep at night knowing we put these people in office.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island


Majority of bullying originates at home

Bullying has been around since the beginning of mankind, but only recently have we been hearing about it concerning the tormenting of gay teens and young adults. Of course the school system must do more to try putting a stop to it, as well as preventing it, but I think a good part of it originates in the home.

There are various reasons that young people get satisfaction out of bullying, such as low self-esteem from being bullied themselves and associating with the wrong peer groups. But organized religion also plays a role. Some religions practice discrimination that passes from generation to generation, where children are unduly influenced by their parents' beliefs. Discrimination and prejudice, in any form, whether religiously based or not, is not a subject for debate or argument. It is just wrong.

Gerald W. Silverman



Erie County should be handling rodent control

The Nov. 3 letter writer who endorsed the position that Erie County should not be in the rat control business is clearly an advocate of the private sector. Which is why it puzzles me that he does not comprehend the concept of a low-bid contract. Having Erie County handle rodent control will cost every household in the county about $5. Having one of the private-sector exterminators handle the job will cost every household in Erie County about $500. The private sector works for profit. Public employees work for the benefit of the citizens.

Alan D. Delmar

Town of Tonawanda


We can't afford to spend another penny on the Bills

It is now a fact that our area is in the big leagues when it comes to early American architecture and prosperity, thanks to the recent visit by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Ralph Wilson Stadium is in the big leagues when it comes to viewing modern NFL football and should be preserved only if it's affordable. Our early American architects built their buildings the old-fashioned way, with private money.

As per The News article, "Bills open to lease tying team to WNY," New York City received several billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives to build a new stadium in the Bronx for the Yankees. Our state politicians have already spent us to the brink of bankruptcy with top-heavy government and unfunded entitlements. Due to all of this spending, we can't afford another penny for the Bills. It's a joke that we can tax the rich to pay down the deficit because our politicians will instead spend that money to renovate these stadiums and do nothing with the deficit.

It took less than a century of these practices to drive out people with deep pockets and to bring down our great, local, early American prosperity. Only dedicated, fresh-thinking, honest politicians with a knowledge of the past and with no favors to return should tell the Bills to put up their own money. Corporate welfare might be working for the NFL in other cities, but what has happened to us here in the past will inevitably happen in most of those cities soon, too.

Tom Colligan



Time Warner rate hikes are absolutely appalling

What? Do my eyes deceive me? In the Nov. 3 News, I saw an article, "Rates going up 4.29 percent for Time Warner: Some services to rise more, effective Dec. 1." Further on in the paper, I found another article, "Time Warner earnings soar from final Potter flick." The article said, "Revenue rose 11 percent to $7.07 billion from $6.38 billion."

Are these two different Time Warners? Do they keep a separate set of books? What kind of slap in the face is this for Time Warner subscribers? My service will increase by 5.4 percent! It makes me think more and more about discontinuing my Time Warner service and going to the Dish Network.

Sara Hood

North Tonawanda