"My Life as a Stunt Boy" by Janet Tashjian, cartoons by Jake Tashjian; Christy Ottaviano Books/Henry Holt, $13.99.

The mother and son who created "My Life as a Book," which one review termed "a kinder, gentler Wimpy kid with all the fun and more plot," are back with another entertaining Derek Fallon adventure. Derek has trouble reading so he illustrates his vocabulary words and there are fun stick figures sprinkled all through the book.

Derek may have trouble in school, but he's an ace at skateboarding and climbing and his skill wins him a spot as a stunt boy on a major movie starring a popular teen actress. It all seems great until Derek finds out he's doing the stunts for the actress, meaning he has to wear a wig and be the fill-in for a girl. Then his best friend posts an embarrassing video on YouTube, an accident puts Derek in danger of losing his pet monkey and it seems as though all the good stuff that's happening has turned into a disaster. Derek is funny and smart and his interactions with his friends all ring true.

-- Jean Westmoore



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Some clouds look like animals. Others look like people. Some even look like old cars. Clouds form when heated air rises. As it slowly cools, water vapor condenses to form a cloud. Clouds get their shapes when swirling air pushes them in different directions. Clouds really don't look like animals or people. It's just that we have fun trying to see shapes in clouds.

-- Time Book of Why