Last Wednesday, the band Yellowcard, known for its hit song "Ocean Avenue," returned to the Town Ballroom after a three-year hiatus. It was the band's first headlining tour in more than five years.

Accompanied by Go Radio and Every Avenue, the show started off with a lot of energy, and seeing them for the first time, I was very impressed. Go Radio's singer, Jason Lancaster, best known as the former singer of Mayday Parade, brought his now nationally recognized solo project to Buffalo, with a lot of crowd participation. The crowd especially seemed to enjoy the hit, "Goodnight Moon," in which most of those attending sang along.

After Go Radio was Every Avenue, the highest energy band in the show. Playing a lot of songs known to the crowd because of its countless shows in Buffalo, the band played an extraordinary set.

As Every Avenue finished up, it was plain to see that the crowd came for Yellowcard. The crowd became much more dense as everyone moved closer to the stage to get a better view.

The band started off with a lot of music from its new CD, "When You're Through Thinking Say Yes" (which it released in an acoustic version as well as with the full band), and the crowd knew all of the words. After about an hour of high-energy instrument parts (including the band's well-known violin), the band left the stage for an interlude as the drummer played a 10-minute solo.

With the crowd still in awe from the drummer, the band came back and continued to play as if it never left the stage.

At about 10:30, the band left the stage only to come back to calls for "one more song." To the crowd's delight, Ryan Key, the lead singer and guitarist, came out by himself, and played two slow songs and a third, dedicated to his aunt. The song, "See Me Smiling," was written for his deceased aunt who he said meant everything to the band. After the heartfelt, emotional song, the band played two more songs, "Lights and Sounds" and "Ocean Avenue."

From the crowd's reaction to the performance, it was clear the band reached its two goals: Have the most fun of your life and leave with no voice left at all.

Ed Slowinski is a senior at City Honors.