It seems that cellphones are taking over the world. Every day we see a commercial for a new smartphone. I can't count how many times I have seen an ad for another new iPhone. How many could possibly be made? And what does it have that all the others don't? There are always more and more phones being invented with supposedly more than what the last phones had to offer. But do we really have the money to go out and buy what is appealing to the eye?

More and more smartphones are being sold every single day. Why is this? It may be because all of the kids want the newest and coolest things. The smartphone is something that every teenager wants. I know firsthand. Ever since I saw the commercial for the new Verizon phone, the Droid, I wanted it. But, if I really think about it -- why do I want it? Because it looks cool and has a touch-screen? Because it has Internet access and can play music?

My mom and I recently went to the Verizon store to look for new phones. Of course, I went over to the Droid and asked my mom if I could have it. Was I surprised her answer was no? No. She had a very valid point: With the purchase of a new smartphone, there is a $30 data plan fee every month, and that is not in our budget. With my sister in college and the three of us on the phone plan it would simply be too much. So, the sales associate showed us the non-smartphones, and I was shocked. I had only about seven phones to choose from. I wondered what happened to all the other phones that were new within the past two years. How could they have gotten rid of them that fast? I didn't have many choices, but, of course, I chose the one I thought looked the coolest, the one with a touch-screen.

At first I was disappointed but then I thought, did I really need that smartphone anyway? I have a computer at home that has Internet access and I also have an iPod Touch that plays music perfectly well. So, why do I need a smartphone when I have everything I need right at home? I believe that it is just the idea of having a smartphone that makes everyone so excited. But, I'm sure the price and the data plan fee doesn't. The majority of kids today all have some sort of music device, and the majority of families own a computer. So, why is it necessary to need it on your phone, too?

Ever since I got my phone I have come to realize that I don't need a smartphone. I am happy with the phone I have now, and, surprisingly, I have had no issues with it, which is really uncommon. Usually within the first month of having a new phone there is some technical difficulties with it, but not with mine. So, I have the best of both worlds -- a good phone that has everything I need on it without the data plan. It turns out, less is more.


Marissa Estep is a senior at Barker High School.